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Discovered accidentally in 1968 during a scheduled work blast of the Hartuv quarry. When the debris cleared, it revealed a magical cave like no other in the State of Israel. After walking down 154 stairs down the side of a beautiful mountainside, you reach the gift shop where you will be given an entrance time.

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Ever since I saw some of the first pictures from Rabbi Slifkin’s Biblical Museum of Natural History, the museum made it to the top of my to do list. My kids have actually gone a few times already, including on a school trip. The museum is centrally located in Bet Shemesh, 10 minutes off of

The Sifting Project

The Temple Mount Sifting Project began in 1999 when the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement conducted illegal renovations on the Temple Mount and disposed of over 9,000 tons of dirt mixed with invaluable archaeological artifacts. Though Israeli antiquities law requires a salvage excavation before construction at archaeological sites, this illegal bulldozing destroyed innumerable artifacts:

Pool of Arches - Ep. 34

  The Pool of Arches in Ramla, Israel is one of my favorite hidden experiences in the central part of Israel. The Pool of Arches has survived for 1,200 years since its construction, and also the enormous damage caused by heavy earthquakes which destroyed large parts of the town of Ramla. The pool was built

Explore The Modiin Area

Over the last year, I have explored these off-the-beaten-track areas. Some of my favorite areas to explore are around the centrally located Modiin. I have created an ever-growing video playlist on YouTube of these adventures so you can watch and plan your adventures in advance. 

Southern Buchman Hills

I took my kids to explore the local hills surrounding the city of Modiin. We found old wine presses, caves, all sorts of insects and flowers, porcupine quills, machine gun bullets, and more. Come along for the ride.