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Experience Rabbi Slifkin’s Biblical Museum of Natural History, Bet Shemesh

Holding constrictor

Ever since I saw some of the first pictures from Rabbi Slifkin’s Biblical Museum of Natural History, the museum made it to the top of my to do list. My kids have actually gone a few times already, including on a school trip. The museum is centrally located in Bet Shemesh, 10 minutes off of Route 1 between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The visit starts with an introduction to the museum with your “tour guide” followed by a video of Rabbi Slifkin.Museum Introduction
Rabbi Slifkin
Once the introduction and video are finished, the “curtain” is removed and you enter a world of mostly biblical / Israeli animals filled from the ceiling to the floor. Most are stuffed or replicas, and many are able to be touched. Your group will be guided through the section by the museum’s knowledgeable staff. 

cheetah and lion

The next section of the museum is the Hall of Shofars donated by the Russak Family of Seattle. To say that the room is filled with animal horns in every nook and cranny would be an understatement. You’ll have to take my word for it or watch it in my video. 


After the Hall Of Shofars, your group will be escorted into the section that teaches about kosher animals. It begins with a video of what “chewing the cud” really means. You can see this in my video as well.  The last and my children’s favorite section is what I would call an extreme petting zoo. There are hamsters, snakes, bugs, GIANT SNAKES, tarantulas, and more. I will let my pictures speak for themselves. 

tarantula one

tarantula two

stick bug 1

blue tongue lizard
constrictor 2
stick bugs 2
tarantula skin
The Biblical Museum of Natual History is probably my kids’ favorite museum in the entire country. Rabbi Slifkin has created a masterpiece and he is constantly adding new features.  Book your visit at https://www.biblicalnaturalhistory.org. Tell them Bengineer sent you!
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