About Me

I am the Father of 4 Princesses and a Super Hero based in Israel creating videos of our adventures exploring the hidden treasures of the Holy Land of Israel and beyond.

 I started taking photos at a young age, and my first digital camera was an Olympus C-150 in 2003. I was hooked on digital photography from the first time I took a picture and was able to see in real-time whether or not I got the shot I wanted. The idea of taking a photo and not having to wait the week or two to find out if the shot was blurry, framed wrong, or wouldn’t be developed was exhilarating. 

Over the years, I would take my digital camera(s) everywhere; Weddings, trips, company events and post the photos on Facebook or private file sharing sites. For as long as I can remember I have been viewing the world through a lens and capturing as many memorable moments as possible. I hope you enjoy where this journey takes me as I try to share it all with you.

Landing Mavic Mini on Hand

drone photo & video