Banias Waterfall Thumbnail

The first of many videos showcasing beautiful northern Israel. The Banias Waterfall is a part of the Banias Nature Reserve and one of 2 attractions at the foot of Mount Hermon. The Banias Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Israel. The water is fed from the Hermon Stream at the top of Mount Hermon and

The Defenders' Forest
Tomb Of The Unknown - Ben Shemen

I took my kids to explore a local Tomb of the Unknown. When I was in elementary school I was obsessed with hieroglyphics, treasure maps, and treasures in ancient Egypt. Being able to pick up the kids from school and take them to explore ancient ruins and an actual tomb is unbelievable!

Southern Buchman Hills

I took my kids to explore the local hills surrounding the city of Modiin. We found old wine presses, caves, all sorts of insects and flowers, porcupine quills, machine gun bullets, and more. Come along for the ride.