Explore The Modiin Area

Over the last year, I have explored these off-the-beaten-track areas. Some of my favorite areas to explore are around the centrally located Modiin. I have created an ever-growing video playlist on YouTube of these adventures so you can watch and plan your adventures in advance. 

Moshav Gimzo

We found an amazing local fruit picking orchard, קטיף עצמי בגמזו, located on Moshav Gimzo, founded in 1950. The orchards include the most delicious all you can eat while you pick pomegranates, limes, and clementines. The costs of admission are minimal, and you only pair a small fee for each box of fruit you bring home. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in both English and Hebrew. If you are looking for something to do for 3-4 hours, I would highly recommend making the trip!

Tel Gezer

I visited Tel Gezer National Park. The biblical story of Joshua mentions the King of Gezer. Archaeological excavation at Gezer has been going on since the early 1900s, and it has become one of the most excavated sites in Israel. It is centrally located, full of history dating back 3000 years, and easily accessed. If you are looking for an hour or two outing with beautiful views, I absolutely recommend Tel Gezer.

Southern Buchman Hills

I took my kids to explore the local hills surrounding the city of Modiin. We found old wine presses, caves, all sorts of insects and flowers, porcupine quills, machine gun bullets, and more. Come along for the ride.

Khorbat Zakariya

The Running Tour Guide and I were taken to a MASSIVE ARCHEOLOGICAL site, Khorbat Zakariya, that is slated to be destroyed for commercial purposes by Marion Stone, Founder of ModiinHeritage.org. SIGN THE PETITION TODAY!