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Exploring the Out Of This World Soreq Stalactite Cave, Bet Shemesh

Soreq Stalactite Cave 4

Discovered accidentally in 1968 during a scheduled work blast of the Hartuv quarry. When the debris cleared, it revealed a magical cave like no other in the State of Israel. After walking down 154 stairs down the side of a beautiful mountainside, you reach the gift shop where you will be given an entrance time. The tour begins at the side of a mountain with a giant metal door that looks like it could be the entrance to Superman’s secret cave. 
Soreq Stalactite Cave 2

Soreq Stalactite Cave 2
The tour starts with your guide sitting you down for a short video about the area and the history of the glorious Soreq Stalactite cave. Prepare yourself before entering the cave because whatever you think you are going to see won’t prepare you for seeing it firsthand. Once inside the cave, there is a strategically placed walkway for you to explore the cave at your own pace. Everywhere you look. You are amazed at what you see and if you look carefully and remain silent, you can actually see and hear the drops in real time.

Soreq Stalactite Cave 5

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