House of Arches

Ancient House Of Arches Turned Swimming Pool Surrounded By Caves

We explored Tel Ayalon in search of the House of Arches and flew my DJI Mavic Mini in a cave! Along the beautiful hiking trail in Tel Ayalon, there are many species of cacti as well as huge fig trees that are a tree climber’s dream. If you continue further along the trail and look up toward the mountains to your left to spot the array of caves along the way. The few we found without trying, were quite large and big enough for even the adults to walk in without crawling.
On the way to the caves, you will pass the ancient House of Arches, an impressive stone building dating back to the Roman empire with 3 intact arches. The House was turned into a cistern during the Ottomon time and still remains filled with water, even during the winter months and the locals enjoy swimming in and around the structure… except right now as they are cleaning the pool.

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