The Defenders' Forest

The Defenders’ Forest – A living memorial to those that sacrificed their lives

I have a mental wish list of iconic hidden treasures to share with my YouTube subscribers. On the top of that list was using my DJI Mavic Mini to capture shots of an old Air Force Plane turned memorial in the centrally located Defenders’ Forest.
Defenders' Forest
The Judean Foothills dwindle as they descend towards Tel Gezer, where KKL-JNF has planted the Defenders’ Forest (Yaar HaMeginim) over an area of around 3,500 dunam (approx 875 acres).
The forest borders on the communities of Karmei Yosef, Kfar Bin Nun and Moshav Bekoa, and, as its name implies, it is dedicated to the memory of those who fell in Israel’s wars. KKL-JNF has allocated groves of trees to the various military units, so that they can memorialize their fallen. The groves also serve as a repository for memorials transferred from discontinued army bases.
We went searching for the airplane memorial in the forest, but unfortunately, with the help of the Israel DJI Users Facebook group that the airplane has been moved! However, everything happens for a reason. We found a beautiful picnic area and an extreme mountain biking trail!
Mountain Bike Trail Defenders' Forest
Mountain Bike Trail Defenders’ Forest
Defenders' Forest IDF History
Defenders’ Forest IDF History
This video is just a quick glimpse of the Defenders’ forest, but I thought it was important to give you a taste of this hidden gem located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I encourage you to drive out and explore it for yourself.

You Keep Watching, and I’ll Keep Creating!

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