San Diego Series - Ep 1

Searching For Whales in San Diego with Legacy Whale Watch

San Diego Series - Pic 1

We found a Groupon for Legacy Whale Watch and went on the boat ride of a lifetime. The boat ride is about 3 hours on the Pacific Ocean. It begins in the beautiful San Diego Harbor. There is plenty of parking, but make sure you park in the designated area. Redeem your ticket(s) at the fishing shop at the dock and you are ready to go. Once boarded on the two-decked boat with multiple viewpoints, get your eyes ready to spot whales, dolphins, birds, and more.

San Diego Series - Pic 2

San Diego Series - Pic 7

The boat ride started out slowly passing a doc with seagulls and sea lions. Once we left the harbor we saw the Mission Beach coast, the cliffs of the Pacific coastline, and birds of all kinds. It took about 40 minutes for the crew to spot the whales on the horizon. However, on the way to find any sight of whales, we found ourselves in a magical pod of what seemed like 100s of dolphins.

San Diego Series - Pic 4

Not 5 minutes later, we made it to the whales! Two very playful humpback whales nonetheless. The whales put on a show that the crew said they had never seen. The whales circled around the boat waving with their tails, puffing air out of their spouts, and we even got to see a breach. 

San Diego Series - Pic 3
We highly recommend Legacy Whale Watch if you live in or visit San Diego. Come along for the ride!

You Keep Watching, and I’ll Keep Creating!

– Bengineer





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