Sharks in Hadera, Israel

Searching for Sharks in Hadera Stream Park, Israel

As I continue to tackle my photography bucket list, this week was much more successful. Every year, I see news stories and Facebook posts of these elusive, but beautiful sharks that visit the power plant in Hadera Stream Park in northern Israel. I have even rented a wet suit, bought a snorkel, and went with an experienced diver friend of mine to see them. However, heavy currents, high tides, and low visibility resulted in no shark sightings. 
My friend messaged me again last week that he was going to try again, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it. The photos that my friend Elliot posted plus the drone footage that Hillel Fuld posted convinced me that I could not pass up on the opportunity again.

The sharks can be found where the Hadera Stream hits the Mediterranean Sea. This is also the area where the powerplant releases hot water. The water was unusually low and there was no swimming required at all. 

There were both Dusky and Sandbar Sharks. The bigger sharks are Dusky Sharks and the smaller sharks are Sandbar sharks. 
It is extremely important to practice shark safety rules if you attempt to go experience this for yourself.  There are plenty of shark safety videos available on YouTube.
Hadera Stream Park also has a beautiful boardwalk, picnic tables, a giant climbing playground, and more. If you are in the area, it is a great place for a picnic lunch with the kids.  

You Keep Watching, and I’ll Keep Creating!

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