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I Sent MY FIRST BOOK to Our Favorite Travel Vloggers – Flying The Nest

The Patience Book
As you can tell already, my kids and I really enjoy our adventures exploring the world around us. We are obsessed with watching travel vlogs and regularly watch travel vlogs during our dinners. These videos are uplifting, inspirational, and beautiful and my kids can’t get enough. This past year has been full of ups and downs, and these vlogs have kept us creating and dreaming when travel will open up again.
One of our favorite travel vloggers is @FlyingTheNest. High school sweethearts, Jess and Stephen, that travel the world, capture cinematic views of places most people have only dreamed of visiting. 6 months ago they had their first child, Baby Hunter. My kids have been waiting and waiting for her arrival, and have been asking me day in and day out when we can send them my first children’s book, “Do You Have Any Patience?” ( as a gift. Well, the day has come and we could not be happier to give just a small token of our appreciation for all the enjoyment and inspiration they have given us over the last few years.
Please go and check out their channel – YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!

You Keep Watching, and I’ll Keep Creating!

– Bengineer





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